The Hart Brothers

     The Hart Brothers Band was formed in 1979 by Myron (Pete) Hart, Heamon (Tib) Hart and Arman(Sam)Hart. These three remained the nucleus of the band until Sam passed away unexpectedly in 1983. Throughout that time the band played mainly in local functions in the southeastern Ohio and north-central West Virginia area. In the years before and since Sam passed away, several musicians have played in the band and contributed to our groups’ unique style of what we call “modern traditional bluegrass”.

     The present make-up consists of Pete singing lead, baritone and low tenor vocals as well as playing mandolin, The Buckeye, which he builds in a small shop (Woodside Instruments) at his residence. He also does a stint about once a month as a d.j.on W.O.U.B. radio bluegrass show,”D-28+5”. Pete also takes care of the booking chores for the band. Ask him about his grandchildren! (Be ready…he has pictures!) Pete and his wife Linda live in Guysville, Ohio.

     Tib, his nickname since he was a child, plays banjo, sings baritone, lead, tenor and low tenor vocals. Tib enjoys riding his Harley on his days off. Ask him about riding Harleys and prepare to stay awhile! Tib and his wife Brenda live in Guysville, Ohio.

     Jesse Jeffries playing bass, singing tenor and high lead, has been with The Hart Brothers since June 2010. Jesse was one of the founding members of The Peach Mountain Boys from Southern Ohio. A talented musician, Jesse plays mandolin, guitar and the bass. He has three children and lives near Chillicothe, Ohio with his wife Bev.

     The newest member, Dave Winters, resides in Lesage, WV with his wife Sandy and his German Shepherd, Baron. Dave plays guitar and has been in music for about 33 years. Through the late 80’s and 90’s he was involved in various gospel groups, The Inheritors, Treasures Unseen, Boundless Love (for 10 years) and New Dimensions’s. which he played, sang lead and harmony vocals plus managed the group. He also has been in the recording business with his studio, Hilltop Recording. He has been recording various local groups for about 15 years. He comes from a musically inspired family and music is a big part of his and his family’s life.

     All of the band members work full time jobs during the week, with the exception of Pete who retired from Verizon in Feb. 2003. We are quite fortunate to be able to coordinate our playing with our family life and jobs. If it were not for the patience of our families, it would be impossible to do what we do. We have been playing about 30-35 weekends a year for the past several years, and sometimes it doesn’t leave much in the way of “quality time” between Friday and Sunday. We play mainly in the upper Midwest (Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia and Kentucky) with occasional longer trips as time and opportunity allows. We are hoping in the near future to venture into the eastern and southern regions with some regularity, as well as the eastern seaboard.

     We currently have six recording projects to our credit. The first three were distributed on the Old Homestead label and the last three were self-produced. We try to keep our material as “fresh” as possible. In other words, we try to avoid songs that have been recorded many times or that have been “done to death” focusing instead on original material or re-arrangement of material to suit our style or needs. When we set about to arrange our material, we try to put our own stamp on it creatively. Whether it be a different vocal twist or an instrumental scheme, we pride ourselves in a style we feel is uniquely our own. 

Here are some excerpts from reviews we have received on our recordings.

  • “Not only are the voices good, well matched and well blended, they also have a truly warm quality. This is the kind of polished and yet down home bluegrass singing that listeners respond to and you just can’t fake”. “Their smooth voices, warm delivery and genial sound is sure to win them many more listeners among fans of traditional bluegrass”.---BLUEGRASS UNLIMITED REVIEW OF “IN MEMORY”, OHS 80085, JULY, 1988
  • “Scrumptious trio harmonies that are high but not ear piercing”… “the fans of this band should immediately drop what they are doing and purchase a copy of this album. Lovers of the traditional sound should keep their eyes and ears out for it. The high quality lead vocals and harmonies of The Hart Brothers should make this album a worthwhile addition to anyones collection”. BLUEGRASS UNLIMITED REVIEW OF “THE WIND IS COLD TONIGHT’, OHS 90102, AUGUST, 1990
  • “The strength is in an excellent blend with effective harmonic choices”…. “Should the opportunity arise to see them, take advantage of it. If this album is any indication, you will enjoy what you hear”…. “A focus that is straight ahead, traditional bluegrass”…BLUEGRASS UNLIMITED REVIEW OF “CHURCH AT HICKORY GROVE”, OHS 70085, SEPTEMBER, 1991
  • “One of the greatest thrills for a record reviewer is to receive an album from some henceforth unknown artist or group and be absolutely swept away by the quality of the music embodied within. Such was the case upon hearing the music of The Hart Brothers.” “In essence, “New Sounds/Old Dreams”, is as energetic collection of mainstream bluegrass that will certainly call attention to The Hart Brothers.”…BLUEGRASS UNLIMITED REVIEW OF “NEW SOUNDS/OLD DREAMS”, NOVEMBER 1996

We strive to keep our shows wholesome, entertaining and family oriented. If you see us at an event, come over and visit with us. One or more of us will always be at the record table and there is nothing we like more than to visit with new friends and old.

The Hart Brothers

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